Digital services and resources overview

About Digital Services

Online services and resources are vital to the HOTIG’s mission to carry the message of Overeaters Anonymous to the compulsive eater who still suffers.

Management of digital services once required considerable knowledge.  Today many digital services (e.g. Google Docs, Facebook) are designed to be managed by non-technical people.

There remains some services such as the website which can require some technical knowledge.  Modern website management software (Jumbla, WordPress) are designed to be used by people of varying technical knowledge levels and have well-documented processes and readily available “how to” and self-paced online training.

As with any undertaking, the management of digital services can be as simple or as complicated as desired.  The more technical experience one brings, the more likely a desire to use some of the more sophisticated capabilities of these service, thus increasing the complexity of management.

The HOTIG  website

  • Provide a point of attraction to the public of the purpose of Overeaters Anonymous and offer support for the compulsive eater. 
  • Provide a central point of reference on OA events and program support.
  • Public access to the HOTIG digital document archive.
  • Offers a calendar of activities and events. 
  • Provides up to date meeting lists, newsletters, flyers and announcements.
  • Managed  by the Webmaster.

The HOTIG Facebook page

  • Provide a point of attraction to the public of the purpose of Overeaters Anonymous and offer support for the compulsive eater. 
  • Offers a calendar of activities and events. 
  • Managed by the Social Media Coordinator.

The HOTIG Google Drive

  • Primary HOTIG digital document archive.
    •  Not all documents (IG meeting attendance lists with emails and phone numbers) are appropriate to store on the website.
    • Should HOTIG change web hosting services, it would require migration of archival materials.
    • Website services (e.g. WordPress) are not designed to serve as an archival repository.
  • Access is shared among members of the Intergroup board and committee chairs.
  • Alternate provider of email addresses for Intergroup service positions.
  • Managed by the Webmaster / Techmaster.

The HOTIG Internet Service Provider

  • Hosts public website.
  • Provider of service position email addresses (
  • Hosts test instances of website to allow Webmaster to experiment without affecting the public site.
  • Managed by the Techmaster.

Service Positions

The service positions herein are roles more than positions. A person with sufficient knowledge and resources could easily serve in multiple roles. 


The webmaster qualifications are:

  • An entry level (plus) knowledge of WordPress content management system.
  • Willingness to grow and extend technical abilities.
  • Willing to explore new programming and design tools.
  • A craftsman attitude toward their work.
  • A commitment to documenting their work for the next volunteer.
  • Able and willing to take direction from the intergroup.

The Webmaster has a special role to serve as guardian for the 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and should strive to be aware of, raise questions about and possibly filter out materials that may not be in keeping with the Traditions.

Webmaster duties:

  • Maintain the HOTIG website insuring all information presented is accurate and up to date, especially meeting lists.
  • Work with Social Media Coordinator to ensure event calendar updates.
  • Insure the training and participation of a second web developer.
  • Insure the continuous registration of the domain name “”.
  • Evaluate and select web hosting service providers for continuous presentation of the website to the public .
  • Obtain and keep current the OA permission to use the OA logo.
  • Create a website technical information document that includes login and passwords, vendor identification, process instructions, and other important information.
  • Insure the website’s adherence to all traditions and policies of OA, World Service, and  HOTIG.
  • Attend the monthly intergroup meeting and present report; answering questions and taking suggestions.
  • Monitor website email address for notifications and correspondence.
  • Coordinate with Region 3 and WSBC Tech Web Committees.
  • The webmaster coordinates the posting of Intergroup information such as upcoming events, reports, resource material, mailing lists, mail accounts, newsletters. The webmaster also coordinates the forwarding of email to the proper people.


Techmaster is more of a role than a service position.  The intent is the Techmaster deals with the nuts and bolts of HOTIG online presence, leaving the management of content to the Website Director.

  • Assesses technical issues related to spreading the message of OA.
  • Interface with the Internet Service Provider (
    • Ensure annual renewal of hosting plan.
    • Ensure annual renewal of domain.
    • Manage email for service positions
  • Manage the HOTIG Google Drive and other Google assets. 
    • Manage any service position gmail accounts.
    • Manage access to the Intergroup Google Drive share.
  • Act as a temporary service sponsor to the incoming Webmaster.
  • Know how to manage the HOTIG social media accounts.  The Social Media Coordinator is the primary manager, but either the Webmaster or Techmaster should be able to step in if necessary.
  • Ensures that operational account passwords are changed yearly.
  • Maintains a digital vault with all account password information.
  • Provides an updated list of all account password information to the Secretary.

Social Media Coordinator

  • Manages the HOTIG Facebook presence.
  • Coordinates with Webmaster to maintain events calendar and other content.