Policies and procedures are a set of agreed-upon practices that amplify the information contained in our bylaws. The bylaws say that we elect officers and committee chairs. The policies and procedures manual contains the full requirements and description of each job. 

Policies and procedures explain how a policy or bylaw is to be implemented and practiced. This helps with long-term consistency. 

Policies and procedures can be changed more easily and quickly than bylaws. Policy changes do not have to be to be submitted to your region trustee or the World Service Office (WSO).


The purpose of this manual is:

  • Provide descriptions of service positions.
  • State the requirements for service positions.
  • Present the suggested best practices procedure and resources for carrying out the service positions.

The content of this manual builds upon the information currently set down in the bylaws.  

Text in italics denote aspects currently not enumerated in the bylaws.  These may be current undocumented aspects and future documents, policies or procedures.

This a work in progress.


  • Duties – What the holder of the position is expected to do.
  • Requirements – Institutional standards (e.g.. Abstinence, Intergroup meeting attendance) for holding the position.  This may be a reference to the Intergroup Bylaws or other documents.
  • Skills – Abilities vital to successful execution of the position.  These are typically technical in manner.
  • Policies – Description of, or references to, documents detailing institutional policies.
  • How to – References to external documents providing detailed instructions and guidance.

Service Positions