Some  OA meetings in the Heart of Texas Intergroup have moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The ability to establish virtual meetings quickly has been of considerable help to the OA fellowship.  Ours is a disease of isolation and the various quarantine and lock down measures required to arrest the spread of the COVID-19 virus could easily contribute to that isolation.  The work of OA members who have stepped forward to set up online meetings have made a great contribution to our Fellowship and to our recovery.

  • If you don’t see the meeting you are interested in, go to Find A Meeting and see if it has an online presence.
  • To visit the WSO entry for a meeting click on link in the Day and Time column.
  • OA groups are advised to update their WSO entry to include their online meeting information.
  • Formats for some meetings are available here.  Check the Meeting Formats tab of the meeting list.  If you would like your meeting format to be available online, send it to


Please send updates about your meeting to

Useful notes about creating Zoom meetings

Join before host allows attendees to join the meeting before the host joins or when the host cannot attend the meeting.

Some helpful links about using Zoom

Online meeting etiquette

  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Use the “hands up” feature of the conferencing software – that’s what it’s there for.  This feature may be hard to find on some Zoom screens – each variant of the application (MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android) have differences in screen layout and location of controls. 
  • Minimize background noises (radio, music, etc – though children and pets are sometimes not so easy to manage, but do your best).

Useful documents for online / telephone meetings


*This information is not an endorsement of any particular conferencing service(s) – it is provided to allow members of the OA Fellowship to use these tools.