Our Seventh Tradition states that OA is fully self-supporting, accepting contributions only from OA members.

While no fees or dues will eve be required for membership, OA needs help to keep its rooms open, provide opportunities for fellowship and spread its message to still-suffering compulsive overeaters.

Of the funds left over after expenses and a prudent reserve, a suggested division is:

60% to the Heart of Texas OA Intergroup

Contribute by mail
Mail checks / money orders to:
Heart of Texas OA Intergroup
P.O. Box 4116
Austin, TX 78765-4116

Make checks out to “Heart of Texas OA“.

30% to the OA World Service Office.

Directions and on-line contribution form available at https://oa.org/contribute/.

10% to OA Region 3.

Please include your OA group number with all contributions. If you do not know the group number, check the Heart of Texas OA meeting list.